Social Club is now renovated to the families of employees of the company and the people of the area Hadaak Helwan includes several sports activities with nominal subscription fee --------------
There are also resorts to workers and their families Maamoura, Alexandria, Ras-el-bar and Gamasa. The company makes entertainment trips for the company's employees and their families to Fayoum - Ain Sukhna - Ismailia - Ras Sidr and breakfast trip to Tanta in the month of Ramadan --------------
There are occasions house in el-maasara to serve the workers and people of the area --------------
The company obtained the ISO certification for stonewarepipes factory by Birovertas company in September 2005 and the company is in the process to obtain certificates of quality for all other factories --------------
the production of asbestos sheets and pipes stopped because of the international embargo since now the company studies and research to develop machine manufacturer of reinforcing concrete pipes --------------