Since more than seventy years , the company has planned for itself certain targets through a well organized development plan . Siegwart has proceeded seriously to cover the Egyptian market needs of reinforced concrete pipes . Hence it has become a sign of goodness & excellence wherever it is found . Along its seventy years age , the company has assured its ability of competition and excellence .

In the year 1927 , Siegwart was founded with a single factory in Massara / Helwan , and started by manufacturing reinforced concrete pipes .      

The company as one of the industrial giants in manufacturing Asbestos pipes  ( which is currently suspended by a ministerial decision ) , reinforced , concrete & stoneware pipes ,  plays an important role in  strengthening the national economy by providing the companies with all its needs for the infrastructure and utility projects such as , potable water , sewage , drainage & irrigation field .

The company also started to manufacture sleepers  ( prestressed or two blocks reinforced concrete ) for railways improvement or underground metro . Also , prestressed concrete poles for electrical networks specially in the Egyptian villages .

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