Recycling of Defected Concrete Sleepers Wastes to be used in Cement Brick  Manufacturing :


Solid Wastes with all its diversities is considered one of the most important environmental problems in Egypt that has many negative side effects on its development .                   
Over the past years , the governmental bodies dealt with this problem using half solutions which are not permanent and this eventually affected the standard of cleanness in the Egyptian cities  .                    

The average quantity of concrete solid wastes of the company is about  15000 sleeper annually
i.e 3600 Ton . This would require places for storage & high cost for crash removing.                     
 Wastes are recycled to manufacture cement brick & concrete pipes especially with the company having factories for manufacturing these two products . This would be according  to technical standards & specifications that guarantees a product  characterized by high  safety  coefficients.                

The research has been applied to the cement brick , concrete pipes & concrete  poles factories starting from April 2001 till present .

Modifying and upgrading :

we currently are making researches for upgrading wire cage  machine in concrete pipes factory.

Also we are about to make a study to establish prestressed pipes factory with or without a cylinder or tunnel pushing .

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